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Women with faulty BRCA genes more likely to survive ovarian cancer

Cancer Research UK - 24/01/2012
Ovarian cancer patients who carry BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations are significantly more likely to survive the disease than women without these faulty genes, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Drug could delay invasive treatment for low-risk prostate cancer

Cancer Research UK - 24/01/2012
Dutasteride, a drug already used to treat men with enlarged prostates, can also slow the growth of early-stage prostate cancer that hasn't spread, according to research from Canada.

Scientists reveal first 3D image of cancer prevention molecule

Cancer Research UK - 22/01/2012
Cancer Research UK scientists have created the first 3D structure of a key protein that protects against the development of cancer, according to research published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology today.

Gene offers clue to cause of oesophageal cancer

Cancer Research UK - 19/01/2012
Scientists have discovered the gene behind a rare skin condition that predisposes to oesophageal cancer, according to a study part-funded by Cancer Research UK.

Friends and family are encouraging youngsters to risk health for sunbed glow

Cancer Research UK - 19/01/2012
As the post-Christmas January blues take hold, young people are risking damage to their health and appearance by using sunbeds on the recommendation of friends and family, according to a new survey by Cancer Research UK.

Scientists uncover reason for second cancers after targeted melanoma treatment

Cancer Research UK - 19/01/2012
An international study has uncovered how secondary skin cancers sometimes develop in malignant melanoma patients who are treated with an experimental drug.

'Gatekeeper' cells could prevent cancer spread

Cancer Research UK - 18/01/2012
Laboratory research in the US has discovered that a little-studied 'gatekeeper' cell may prevent cancer spreading around the body.

Researchers defend HRT breast cancer study

Cancer Research UK - 17/01/2012
The authors of a study showing that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases the risk of breast cancer have defended their findings, following criticism from a team of experts linked to pharmaceutical companies that make the treatment.

Fluorescent dye pinpoints tiniest signs of oesophageal cancer

Cancer Research UK - 15/01/2012
A fluorescent dye that can be sprayed onto the oesophagus - the food pipe - could be used to detect oesophageal cancer earlier and spare patients unnecessary treatment, according to research published today in Nature Medicine.

Processed meat may increase pancreatic cancer risk

Cancer Research UK - 13/01/2012
Eating too much processed meat may increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, new research published in the British Journal of Cancer finds today.

US researchers identify possible 'high risk' prostate cancer gene

Cancer Research UK - 11/01/2012
Researchers in the US have found that faults in a gene called HOXB13 seem to be more common in men with an inherited form of prostate cancer, and among those who develop the disease at a younger age.

Brain scans could diagnose and monitor glioma brain tumours

Cancer Research UK - 11/01/2012
Research into the most common type of brain tumour has uncovered a way to monitor the disease using the latest imaging technologies - dispensing with the need for invasive surgery.

Significant step forward in childhood eye cancer

Cancer Research UK - 11/01/2012
Researchers at a children's hospital in Washington have identified the genetic mechanism behind the rapid development of retinoblastoma, a rare type of childhood eye cancer.

Cancer Research UK launches 'outpatients' trial of breast and ovarian cancer drug

Cancer Research UK - 11/01/2012
Cancer Research UK's Drug Development Office has re-launched a trial of a promising drug to treat inherited breast and ovarian cancer - but this time taken as a tablet by outpatients.

Tesco to raise millions to help Cancer Research UK's work into early diagnosis and detection of cancer

Cancer Research UK - 10/01/2012
Today, 10 January 2012, Tesco is aiming to raise over £10 million to help Cancer Research UK's work to beat cancer by making Cancer Research UK its Charity of the Year in 2012.

'Detox' immune cells linked to skin cancer development

Cancer Research UK - 06/01/2012
A study funded by Cancer Research UK has provided a surprising insight into the development of a form of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma, or SCC.

Experimental neuroblastoma drug shows promise in the lab

Cancer Research UK - 05/01/2012
Laboratory studies in the US have confirmed the promise of an experimental drug against a particularly aggressive form of neuroblastoma, the most common non-blood cancer in children.

Reprogrammed oestrogen binding linked to more aggressive breast cancer

Cancer Research UK - 04/01/2012
Scientists based at Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Research Institute have discovered how receptors for the female sex hormone oestrogen attach to a different part of the DNA in breast cancer patients who are more likely to relapse, according to a study published in Nature today (Wednesday).

Tobacco firms withdraw legal challenge to display ban

Cancer Research UK - 04/01/2012
The Government will no longer face a legal challenge from four tobacco firms over its plans to ban tobacco displays from English shops, ministers have revealed.

New genetic fault linked to lung cancer in non-smokers

Cancer Research UK - 22/12/2011
Korean scientists have discovered a gene fault that may be behind thousands cases of lung cancer worldwide, particularly in non-smokers.