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Eating seaweed helped Jamie Oliver shed two stone

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Seaweed has also been credited for being behind Japanese people having one of the longest life expectancies in the world. The sea vegetable's global worth is estimated to reach $17.59 million by 2021.

Cost legacy of decades-old NHS blunders begins to rise

BBC Health News - 16/01/2018
Experts say maternity wards are still making the same "avoidable errors".

Being bilingual may help autistic children

Science Daily (US) - 16/01/2018
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) often have a hard time switching gears from one task to another. But being bilingual may actually make it a bit easier for them to do so, according to a new study.

Employers urged to 'normalise' menopause in the workplace

BBC Health News - 16/01/2018
A BBC survey found 70% of women did not tell their employers about their menopause symptoms.

Fibre-rich muesli can help ward off arthritis

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
A team from Germany's Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg recommend eating one breakfast food daily to reduce symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis.

Scientists provide insights into crucial interaction for DNA repair

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Osaka University scientists, in collaboration with The University of Tokyo, describe the crystal structure of RNF168 bound to ubiquitin chains, a crucial interaction for DNA repair, to find a unique interaction DNA is like the computer code of the body, and it must be preserved for our bodies to survive.

New high-sensitivity blood tests could aid faster diagnosis and treatment for heart attack

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
When diagnosing a heart attack, accuracy and timing are everything. A new test designed to better measure levels of troponin, a protein released when the heart muscle is damaged, could help emergency department physicians provide faster diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Postcard from Sacramento: Alzheimer’s ‘looks like me, it looks like you’

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Until last year, Jackie Coleman was a disability rights lawyer — a good one, too.

ViLim Ball technology helps reduce uncontrollable shaking hands

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
ViLim Ball technology created at a Lithuanian startup company Fidens helps to reduce uncontrollable shaking hands, which is one of the symptoms of essential tremor. The technology is effective in 7 out of 10 cases, and it can also be used to alleviate morning stiffness of joints for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Study reveals negative long-term effects of heavy cannabis use on brain function and behavior

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Young people with cannabis dependence have altered brain function that may be the source of emotional disturbances and increased psychosis risk that are associated with cannabis abuse, according to a new study published in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging.

Woman left lying on A&E floor in Hereford for 5 hours

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Kyra Dew, who suffers from endometriosis, was rushed to Hereford County Hospital after she collapsed at home, but she was told she would have to wait for a bed to become available.

UK's bizarre home remedies revealed

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
A UK survey found gargling with salt water to ease a sore throat and having a nightcap to help you sleep were two of the top DIY 'cures'. Mail Online investigates if these remedies really work.

In Wisconsin, hopes rise for production of a lifesaving radioactive isotope

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
In a cornfield here, past the shuttered General Motors plant and the Janesville Terrace trailer home park, a facility not seen in the United States in three decades could soon rise: a manufacturing plant that will make a vital radioactive isotope used to detect cancer and other potentially fatal maladies in millions of people every year.

The Salk Institute and Indivumed collaborate for cutting-edge cancer research

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
The Salk Institute, which hosts a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center and Indivumed GmbH, a world leading cancer research company today announce a multi-year strategic alliance to secure, preserve and analyze human cancer tissue and annotated clinical data from consenting patients around the world, enabling the most cutting-edge basic and translational research in cancer.

Pakistani toddler has surgery to remove 'elephant nose'

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Sixteen-month-old Asiya Manghrio, from Sanghar in Pakistan's Sindh province, suffered from frontonasal encephalocele, which caused her brain tissue to grown through a defect in her skull.

Researchers develop software to better predict risk of leakage around aortic stents

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Researchers at the St. Antonius Hospital Utrecht/Nieuwegein and the University of Twente in the Netherlands have developed software to better predict the risk of blood leaking around a patient's aortic stent. Last week, Richte Schuurmann, a Technical Physician, was awarded a PhD by the University of Twente for his research on this topic.

Bile acids could directly burn away lipids in the fat depots

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
The EPFL scientists discovered that bile acids can turn fat-storing cells into fat-burning ones. This process is called thermogenesis (literally, "heat production") and it helps maintain body temperature in cold environments.

When you need a breast screening, should you get a 3-D mammogram?

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
When I went to the imaging center for my regular mammogram last year, the woman behind the desk asked me if I'd like to get a "3-D" mammogram instead of the standard test I'd had in the past.

After a Debacle, How California Became a Role Model on Measles

New York Times - 16/01/2018
Changing minds on vaccination is very difficult, but it isn’t so important when a law can change behavior.

Scottish NHS waiting times performance at new low

BBC Health News - 16/01/2018
The latest weekly figures showed that 77.9% of patients were dealt with within the four-hour target time.