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'Floating on air' after surgeons remove 19kg tumour

BBC Health News - 15/01/2018
Watch surgeons as they remove a 19.5kg tumour from a woman's body.

Quarter of our calories is from food we don't make at home

Daily Mail (UK) - 15/01/2018
Ordering a takeaway was once an occasional luxury. But it is now so common that a quarter of all the calories we consume come from food produced outside the home, experts have revealed.

Experimental nerve treatment restores insulin sensitivity

Diabetes UK - 15/01/2018
An experimental treatment on a major nerve restores insulin sensitivity in rats, according to a new study. The treatment involves electrically stimulating the carotid sinus nerve which sits next to the carotid artery, the main artery of the neck.

64-year-old with type 2 diabetes lacing up his running boots for January challenge

Diabetes UK - 15/01/2018
A 64-year-old man has been running every day this month in a bid to put his type 2 diabetes into remission.

Lincolnshire hospitals open one-stop foot clinics for people with diabetes

Diabetes UK - 15/01/2018
New foot clinics have been introduced in Lincolnshire in a bid to reduce foot amputations in people with diabetes. The new initiative from Lincoln County Hospital and Pilgrim Hospital provides a one-stop foot clinic where patients can receive screening, scans, check-ups and treatment all in one visit. This type of delivery helps to reduce the time spent between appointments and for any diagnosed problems to be immediately treated. Mr Murali Subramaniam, a Vascular Surgeon on the team, said: "Time is so important in these cases and having to wait for a referral to the diabetes foot team or vasc

Islamic anti-vaxxers undermine campaign to prevent infectious disease

ABC Australia - 14/01/2018
Five-year-old Faris was killed by an infectious disease which was once a major problem in Australia, but a vaccination campaign to prevent the disease in Indonesia is being undermined by alternative health practitioners.

Bolton man says his grapefruit-sized testicle 'exploded'

Daily Mail (UK) - 14/01/2018
David Worsley, 59, from Bolton, thought he was 'going to die' when he contracted African salmonella while on holiday in Tunisia in 2014.

Parents lose third teenage child to rare heart condition

Daily Mail (UK) - 14/01/2018
Carrick Prentice-Underwood, 19, died in Thursday morning, four years after the Worcestershire family lost his brother Craig, 17, and seven years after the death of Charlotte, 16.

'Black Death' virus causes panic in Uganda as girl dies

Daily Mail (UK) - 14/01/2018
A nine-year-old girl died in central Uganda with the symptoms of an eye-bleeding disease which it is thought could kill up to 40 per cent of those infected by it.

New IVF technique is 'most exciting advance in 40 years'

Daily Mail (UK) - 14/01/2018
A new IVF method that takes thousands of pictures of embryos to select the best eggs has increased the likelihood of a baby being born by 25 per cent.

French salmonella baby milk scandal 'affects 83 countries'

BBC Health News - 14/01/2018
The boss of French firm Lactalis says up to 12 million boxes of formula are now subject to a recall.

Descaling product named in baby bottle scare at Adelaide hospital

ABC Australia - 14/01/2018
SA Health releases the name of the product involved in a scare with babies' bottles at a northern Adelaide hospital, after a descaling product was connected to a bottle washer instead of detergent.

DR ELLIE: Beware of Kim Kardashian's low-calorie shakes

Daily Mail (UK) - 14/01/2018
Kim Kardashian hit headlines again last week after her shoe-less selfie as part of a promotion for meal-replacement ‘shakes’ landed her in hot water, writes Dr Ellie.

'Maybe I wouldn't have lost as much': Former ice addict pushes for intervention program

ABC Australia - 13/01/2018
Jasmine Wilson lost everything when she became addicted to ice and now she is lobbying to an intervention program instated to support users when they are at their most vulnerable.

Test could slash the cervical cancer death toll

Daily Mail (UK) - 13/01/2018
Trials of the ZedScan technology, developed by a top British doctor, found it picked up subtle changes to cells in the womb before they became cancerous.

Dietitian reveals perfect portion size tips for eat less

Daily Mail (UK) - 13/01/2018
FEMAIL spoke to Sydney-based dietitian, Lyndi Cohen, for her advice on healthy portion sizes. She also shared her tips for reducing your portions so that you remain full without putting on weight.

DR ELLIE: Cranberry juice won't fix cystitis  

Daily Mail (UK) - 13/01/2018
Contrary to popular belief, cranberry juice, dietary changes or passing urine before or after sex will not help ease recurrent cystitis. writes Dr Ellie in this week's Mail on Sunday.

British surgeons to use robots fit hip replacements

Daily Mail (UK) - 13/01/2018
Artificial hip joints typically last between ten and 20 years and can wear out during a patient’s lifetime, depending on when people first have the procedure and how active they are.