Please contribute!

We depend on people willing to contribute their time and support to this fantastic new project to ensure that sixpartswater remains free and accessible at no charge. We are looking to expand the depth and breadth of the content through sponsorship, fundraising and donations, but most of all we want you to join us on our journey, to get involved and and Share what you know with others.

So, sign up and become a member of the sixpartswater community today!


You can contribute to sixpartswater in many different ways:

Give your feedback

We are looking for your feedback to help ensure we deal with the questions and issues patients have at various stages. If there’s anything you feel we haven’t covered or if you have any other feedback on the content for a particular condition or the design of the site or how the site can be improved, please let us know by using the Contact form.

SHARE your story

We all appreciate the opportunity to learn from others who have experience of situations similar to our own. By sharing your story, you can help others going through what you have experienced or are still going through yourself.  Join the sixpartswater community and post your story.  Click here to start

SHARE what you know about your body on 6PW Wiki

We need members of the sixpartswater community to Share by contributing to 6PW Wiki.  Write an article or edit an existing article on a health related topic.  Join the sixpartswater community and get started!

Join 6PW Chat  

Contribute to an existing discussion or start your own.  Provide support to others.  Click here and Go!

Give some of your TIME

We are looking for people who are willing to offer a small number of hours on a regular basis:

  • web editors to help review health information content and adapt it to the sixpartswater style
  • anyone familiar with content management systems on websites to help load content
  • anyone with a medical or social studies background to act as a moderator for 6PW Chat
  • anyone with a medical or scientific background to help manage content contributed to 6PW Wiki
  • anyone with a social networking background or experience who can help us promote sixpartwater via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking media 

Help promote

If you have marketing skills or just time and energy to help promote the website.  We need to drive traffic to the site and here are a couple of simple ways that you could help:

  Hit Six!

Email 6 of your friends asking them to visit the sixpartswater website and then ask each of them to email another 6 of their friends to visit the site as well!

  Get Six!

Ask 6 people that you know with relevant skills to contribute their time and energy to sixpartswater!

  Bookmark & Share pages on the site, Like them for Facebook, tweet on Twitter 

  Subscribe to the sixpartswater YouTube channel

  We need your help to promote sixpartswater on social media!

If you can help, please use the Contact form.


Contribute Content for the KNOWLEDGE CENTRE

We are keen to hear from qualified medical doctors or established medical writers who are willing to work with us to create a new Condition mini-site or to write new Health Guides for the Knowledge Centre.  Any content donated will be fully accredited and can have a link to your personal website.

Or from doctors who are willing to review our Knowledge Centre content to make sure it is accurate and up to date.

Or from Charities who want to promote awareness of a particular medical Condition.

If you can help, please use the Contact form.

Help us produce more digital media content

If you have valuable digital media skills and can help us to produce audiovisual content such as artwork, cartoons, animations or patient videos, please get in touch via the Contact form.

Help us develop the functionality of the website

If you are a website developer or someone experienced in creating their own website, and are willing to help, we'd love to hear from you!