Key sponsors needed to develop parts of sixpartswater.org

We are looking for businesses and individuals to help us create more mini sites in the KnowledgeCentre, more BodyWorks videos and expand the 6PW Medical Dictionary.  This could be through:

  • Corporate support or sponsorship
  • Support or sponsorship by either general charitable trusts and foundations or condition-specific charities working in the same area
  • Support or sponsorship by passionate individuals or groups, including patient groups

Sponsor benefits:

  • The sponsor's branding on each page for the sponsored elements
  • Link to a short sponsor's statement explaining why they are involved with that part of sixpartswater.org and how this may link with other projects they are involved in
  • Opportunity to raise awareness and knowledge about a particular medical condition or health issues generally
  • Clear association with a worthy charitable initiative and positive brand identity.

Those parts of the site that are sponsored or supported will be clearly marked so that it is obvious where and how sponsorship is used.

We are very willing to work with a potential sponsor to identify the part of the site that the sponsor wishes to support. However:

  • No sponsor will be given any editorial control over sixpartswater content. 
  • Only corporate branding will be permitted, not individual product branding.

To comply with regulatory requirements, all sponsorship and advertising arrangements will be contracted through sixpartswater trading limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of sixpartswater.

Contact us to discuss sponsorship and support opportunities.